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カーディフ大学、Public Policy Institute for Walesを主導


カーディフ大学は、研究機関やシンクタンクを束ねるコンソーチアムを形成し、Public Policy Institute for Walesを率いることになりました。Carwyn Jones首相が発表しました。

これにより、アベルストウィス大学、バンガー大学、サウスウェールズ大学、リバプール大学、スワンジー大学の研究グループ専門家によるネットワークが、カーディフ大学やシンクタンクThe Bevan Foundation、, the Institute of Welsh Affairs、Wales Public Services 2025と協力していくことになります。

The Welsh Public Policy Institute is a Programme for Government commitment with the aim of guiding the reform and improvement of public services.

The First Minister said that the makeup of the institute ensures that the Welsh Government is making the best use of the expertise in Wales and beyond to ensure high-quality, strategic policy making.

First Minister, Carwyn Jones said: "It is important that policy making in Wales is able to draw on the widest range of advice and knowledge to improve public services."

"This partnership will capture the expertise that exists outside Government, and will support the Government in identifying strategic cross-cutting priorities."

Professor Colin Riordan, Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University, said: "I am delighted that Cardiff has been selected to lead the Public Policy Institute. This important new initiative is testimony to the university’s strength in public policy research and its commitment to helping improve public services in Wales".

The Institute will operate through a small hub of permanent staff led by a Director who will co-ordinate a network of academic and other bodies to be commissioned according to their subject expertise. 

The Welsh Government has asked Professor Steve Martin, Cardiff Business School, to take on the role of the Director in an interim capacity.  The Institute will be launched in the Autumn.



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